Real Life is Now!

It’s so easy to think of singleness as being a holding pattern: one day I hope to get married, so I put off making decisions about a career, schooling, purchasing a home, or fully committing to service and ministry because I think of marriage as a certain outcome. But it is dangerous to view marriage as an inevitability and everything else as a contingency plan! This is real life right now. Am I missing it because I am building castles in the air on foundations of desire?
I’m not saying that I need to go out and buy a house or incur thousands of dollars in student debt just to pass the traditional coming of age markers of owning a home or holding a graduate degree. But I need to ask myself, “Is what I am doing with my life right now just ‘in the meantime,’ something to occupy me until I marry? Or am I fully committed to being all there, right where God has me?”
“Wherever you are, be all there. Live to the hilt every situation you believe to be the will of God.” If I am single, that is the will of God for me right now. I want to be radically passionate about using my gift of singleness to build the kingdom of God. I can’t waste these years of breathtaking freedom to cater to my flesh, or to mope around wishing I was married. Is prolonged singleness an excuse for self-indulgent behavior and laziness? Or am I using it as Paul exhorted the Corinthians, to be anxious for the things of the Lord? To long to please the Lord. To be holy in body and in spirit.
I can’t keep thinking that real life, adult life, happy life doesn’t start until I find the love of my life and get married. Jesus, the real love of my life, came that I might have life and have it abundantly, single or married. Oh, that I would have a holy discontent that would stir me out of my complacency and passivity to make a profound commitment to serving Christ wherever I am!